Sauvignon Blanc

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Originating in France, in the famous region of Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular varieties of wine in the world. At some point in the eighteenth century this variety was hybridised with Cabernet Franc giving birth to Cabernet Sauvignon. Sauvignon Blanc is fresh and elegant, semi-dry, with a canary yellow and bright green reflections. It has a pretty intense flavor, reminding the jasmine flowers or grape-vine. After a period of storage, some of the flavor fades away and is replaced by a bunch of aging complex that emphasizes its uniqueness. The taste is fruity, with great freshness, wrapped in a bouquet flavor that makes it nice and tempting.
When wine is obtained by film soaking, accompanied by directed fermentation, the color intensifies and the wine becomes more full-bodied.
It is a wine with plenty of life, pleasant and aromatic. After several years of storage in casks and bottles, bouquet and taste are close to those of melon.



Alcohol: 13 % vol.

Total acidity: 5,6-5,8 g/l


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