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The Șarba Odobești Land, where the Șarba Winery is located, owned by the company Odobești Vinex, is situated on the hills of the Subcarpathian Arch; its grapevines spread all the way to the forests of the Crăciuna Monastery and to the top of the Măgura Odobeștilor. The excellent exposure to the sun East and South-East, conferred by its geographical position, the characteristics of the soil and the balanced humidity render the wines of this grapevine estate the most sublime product of nature and of man. The Șarba and the Galbenă de Odobești varieties are the representative varieties that have adapted best.

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Odobești Vinex company was founded in 2002; by 2005, the company managed to meet all European standards for modern technology.

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Șarba Winery

Visit the Sarba Odobesti vineyard where you will discover the basics of this variety, but also the history of the Şarba Winery from 1897 to the present.

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