45,00 lei

Its distinctive taste flavors are usually those of black cherry, raspberry and plum. It has light tannins, medium acidity and a delicate finish, with a little more structure and spicy notes in cold areas (France, Italy or Chile) and a fruity aroma and very mild tannins in warm areas (California, Australia, Argentina).

The ruby Merlot suggests the fresh raspberry aroma. Anyway, being less harsh, the Merlot can be put into use earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot has imposed itself in many viticultural areas.
At the table, Merlot is best served with any roast, beef, pork and even pheasant or turkey. Better than any other, Merlot associates well with cheeses served “a la français”, i.e. at the end of the table.


Alcohol: 14 % vol.,
Total acidity: 5,9-6,0 g/l