Blazon Domnesc Babească Neagră

45,00 lei

"Babeasca Neagră" is a red grape variety grown mainly in Romania, more precisely Moldova. The name "Neagră" can be translated as "Black Grandmother", possibly due to the long history of the region's grapes. It is known for producing red wines with unique flavors and characteristics.

Babeasca Neagra originates from the region of Moldova, Romania being one of the main countries where it is cultivated.

The grapes are small to medium in size and typically have dark, thick skins that contribute to the wine's red color and tannins.

Babescă Neagră wines are often deep in color, with aromas that can include dark fruits such as blackberries and plums, along with earthy and spicy notes. These wines can be quite tannic and have good aging potential.

The grapes are well adapted to the continental climate of the region and are often grown at higher altitudes. It can be a difficult grape to grow, but it is prized for its unique character.

Babescă Neagră wines go well with hearty dishes such as grilled meat, stews and game. They can also be enjoyed with local Romanian cuisine.