SKU: vinex-bd-005

Feteasca Neagra

50,00 lei

Feteasca Neagră is an old local grape variety from Romania from which the type of wine with the same name is obtained. This variety is cultivated in various vineyards and in the Republic of Moldova.

It is a red wine with a aroma of red raisins, which becomes richer and finer with age. Depending on the area where the grapes come from, the wine is a ruby ​​red with shades of brick, garnet red or red with hints of purple. The aroma is of dried plums, with fine traces of almonds, raisins, spices (cinnamon, cloves).

This wine complements the tastes of dishes based on red meat, but also those sprinkled with green spices.



Alcohol: 13,70 % vol.,

Total acidity: 5,1 g/l

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