Blazon Domnesc Băbească Neagră Roze

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“Babeasca Neagra Roze,” often referred to simply as “Babeasca Neagra Rosé,” is a rosé wine made from the Babeasca Neagra grape variety. This grape is indigenous to Romania and is known for producing unique and flavorful wines. When used to create a rosé wine, it offers a distinct character and flavor profile.


Babeasca Neagra is a red grape variety that is native to the Carpathian region and is widely cultivated in Romania.

Babeasca Neagra Rosé typically has a pink to light red color, which is characteristic of rosé wines. The exact color can vary depending on factors such as the duration of skin contact during the winemaking process.

Babeasca Neagra Rosé wines often have vibrant fruit flavors, including red berries like raspberries and strawberries. They may also exhibit floral notes and a touch of spice.

The wines can have a pleasant aroma with fruity and floral notes that make them inviting and refreshing.

Like many rosé wines, Babeasca Neagra Rosé is known for its lively acidity, which contributes to its freshness and suitability for warm weather.

This type of rosé pairs well with a variety of foods, including salads, seafood, grilled poultry, and lighter pasta dishes. Its versatility makes it a great match for various cuisines.

Babeasca Neagra Rosé is primarily produced in Romania, where the Babeasca Neagra grape is widely grown. The unique terroir of the region imparts its characteristics to the wine.

The winemaking process involves macerating the grape skins with the juice for a shorter period than for red wines, typically just long enough to achieve the desired color and flavor profile. After this, the juice is separated from the skins and fermented to create the rosé wine.



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